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Design Miami/ Basel 2017




do you read me?! happily invites you to delve into its eighth Design Miami/ Basel Satellite Store with select magazines and books in and beyond the fields of art and design. Besides do you read me?! again grabs the chance to recompile a wide range of rare books together with Swiss art book publisher Kodoji Press especially for Design Miami/ Basel. This year’s main focus will be on publications of the Radical Architecture Movement from 60′s and 70′s from the Schifferli collection.

You will again find us in the Foyer of Hall 1 Süd, so no fair tickets needed to visit our Satellite Store! We are very much looking forward to seeing you soon in Basel from 13th to 18th of June and of course always in Berlin. And don’t forget to check out our instagram account the next days for the latest fair and print gossip from Switzerland.

do you read me?! Satellite Store
@ Design Miami/ Basel

Foyer Hall 1 Süd, Messe Basel
Tram stop »Messeplatz«

Preview Day (by invitation only)
Monday, June 12, 2017

Public Show Days
Tuesday, June 13 from 10am to 8pm
Wednesday, June 14 from 10am to 8pm
Thursday, June 15 from 10am to 7pm
Friday, June 16 from 10am to 7pm
Saturday, June 17 from 11am to 7pm
Sunday, June 18 from 11am to 7pm


Our reading recommendations…



Muller van Severen – Book
Published by Luster
Text in English
€ 29,95

Photographer Fiel Muller and sculptor Hannes van Severen started working together in 2011, when Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerp invited Fiel to present her work in collaboration with a soulmate of her choosing. Launched under the name “Muller van Severen”, their first projects started at the periphery and intersection of art and design, revolving around ‚utility‘ – furniture and lightning sculptures that were both practical and poetic. “Muller van Severen” has since then become an international success story par excellence.
This publication gives an exhaustive overview of the works and designs of Muller van Severen. Sketches, drafts and photos from their workplace illuminate the work process behind the iconic furniture that always lingers between the functional, the artistic and the sculptural.
Muller van Severen’s book comes with an apprehensive and very informative appendix. Both Muller’s and van Severen’s artistic work is introduced individually, highlighting their qualities, differences and thus the amazing synergies their work develops in their furniture design.



– Rooms. Novel living concepts

Edited by Beppe Finessi
Published by Marsilio Editori
Text in English/Italian
€ 55,00

This almost 500 page heavy visual atlas is a timeless collection of one century of Italian interiors. From Gio Ponti to Franco Albini, from Carlo Mollino to Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Umberto Riva until today. Published at the occasion of last years XXI Triennale di Milano in collaboration with Salone del Mobile, Stanze crosses the limits of interiour design and architecture. Usually understood to be a ‘private’ or even idiosyncratic matter, the interiors and rooms in this anthology prove different; as spaces, where design is born before it is considered such. Stanze collects the most groundbreaking examples of Italian ‘design before design’: 250 projects illustrated with more than 1000 archival images and completed with critical essays and texts on design theory and philosophy. Stanze though is not only a collection of Italian interiors; it also functions as documentation to the eponymous exhibition at XXI Triennale di Milano; where contemporary creatives, designers and architects were invited to re-interpret and -imagine the interior and living space of today.



Friedrich von Borries
– Weltentwerfen. Eine politische Designtheorie

Verlegt von Edition Suhrkamp
Text auf Deutsch
€ 14,00

Food-Design, Personality-Design, Politikdesign, … , was kann heute nicht alles gestaltet und designt werden. Wo früher Gegenstände entworfen wurden, können heute ganze ökonomische, politische oder ökologische Prozesse designt werden. Aber „alles, was gestaltet ist, entwirft und unterwirft“, so der Designtheoretiker Christian von Borries – Design darf daher nicht nur „funktional“, „ästhetisch“ oder „ökonomisch“ sein. In diesem schmalen Band entwirft von Borries, was der Gegenwart mangelt: eine politische Designtheorie. Anstatt ein unterwerfendes, einschränkendes oder suboptimierendes Design zu akzeptieren, plädiert der Designtheoretiker für ein ent-werfendes Gestalten, gegen kapitalistische Totalitarität und für neue Formen gesellschaftlichen Zusammenlebens. Aufgeschlüsselt in übersichtliche Paragraphen, gleichfalls gestützt auf theoretische Grundlagen der Gestaltungstheorie, liegt hier ein optisch schmales, inhaltlich aber gewichtiges Plädoyer für die gesellschaftliche und politische Relevanz von Design vor.



Strange Design
– From Objects to Behaviours

Edited by Jehanne Dautrey and Emanuele Quinz
Published by it:éditions
Text in English
€ 35,00

In a world of functionality and advance, strange – ambiguous, complicated, even dysfunctional – objects have appeared in the world of design. English designers Dunne and Raby have defined these mysterious things as Critical design; a radical speculative and reflexive design that raises more questions than answering our questions (which, traditionally, Design was set do do). Such “Strange Design” undercuts our well-rehearsed understanding of the role of objects in our life, challenging and provoking unusual uses and behaviours. This book is a collection of such “counter / critical / strange” designs – from the Italian Radical Architecture and Design of the 60s to Conceptual Dutch Design in the 90s, English Critical Design at the turn of the millennium and lastly contemporary positions. Regardless, Strange Design is not a historical anthology, rather an exciting (well designed!) compendium of thematic contributions by figures such as Gijs Bakker, Jan Boelen, Bless, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Ugo La Pietra, Alessandro Mendini and many more.



Fab Lab
– Revolution Field Manual

Edited by Massimo Menichinelli
Published by Niggli
Text in English
€ 39,90

Fab Lab isn’t short for ‘Fabulous Laboratory’ (though it probably is fab as well) but ‘fabrication laboratory’: a cross between workshop and lab, equipped with high tech tools like laser cutters and 3D-printers. As part of grassroots movements and sharing economy, Fab Labs have been popping up around the globe. Their common ground: enabling (almost) everybody to make almost everything, almost everywhere.
Proving that this is not just a highty-tighty fairy tale phantasy, Fab Lab invites different authors to share their stories: From Fab Lab’s birth at the MIT in the United States to TED talks, an introduction into the technological anatomy (tools and materials) of FabLabs to the question: What is a Fab Lab for? This publication doesn’t stop at the theory; it also looks at the particular creative process of a FabLab in Amsterdam and presents over 25 groundbreaking projects and products designed and produced in Fabrication Laboratories. And producing drones, skateboards, robots and kicker tables from scratch – that’s pretty fab in our opinion.



Full House
– Diez Office

Text in German or English
39,80 Euro

Full House – Diez Office has been published as part of the exhibition at Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln under the same title. Full House does not only show the experiemental and passionate works of German designer Stefan Diez, it also documents unfinished, not realized or failed projects. The thought- and material processes behind Diez’ design become visible, almost touchable, through photographs, sketches and commentary – illuminating the reasons of why Diez might be one of Germany’s most exciting industrial designers. And what would a design publication be without a beautiful layout? The clarity, simplicity yet savvyness of Diez’ designs are perfectly mirrored in each of the over 300 pages. The corresponding essays, interviews and index of Diez’ works makes “Full House” more than an ordinary catalogue. Full House – Diez Office is available in English and German.



Katrin Trautwein
– 225 Farben / 225 Colors

Published by Birkhäuser
Text in Deutsch / English
€ 69,95

We grow up learning about the colors of the rainbow (seven!) or the six primary colours in art school, but alas, there’s of course more. Indefinite numbers of colours, to be precise… Color schemes influenced by standards, fashions, trends, intuition or personal preferences. Color expert and entrepreneur Katrin Trautwein has researched, developed and selected 225 colors of this indefinite, endless universe. 225 colors for painters, conservators, architects and designers; 225 colors that refer to a cultural history, each color representing a “remarkable quality” that could not be imitated by other colors. 225 Colors consists of a publication containing information about each color’s composition, its origin, distinguishing features and preferred function. The 225 colors themselves are presented individually as handmade paint samples on an enclosed color chart. But even if 225 Colors presents itself as “a selection for Painters, Conservators, Architects and Designers”, it is an extraordinary artistic publication in its own right for anyone who enjoys knowing there’s more than the colors of the rainbow.



- The New Spirit of Printing

Published by Niggli
Text in English
€ 39,90

Ever heard of Riso-mania? We had not, but discovered we’ve been infected our whole lives after opening Niggli’s latest publication on “the new spirit of printing”. It is the first comprehensive publication to document a “newly” emerged global scene of stencil duplication, featuring graphic artists, design studios, publishers and print shops all over the world who enjoy analog printing. This volume features colourful examples of Risography – named after the Japanese firm Riso – small essays and an atlas of todays frontline stencil printers. But beware! Risomania might be contagious…



Some interesting new titles…





Il Paradiso #5
€ 10,00

Disegno #14
€ 12,00

Works that work #9
€ 16,00




Rum Review #2
€ 12,00

Kinfolk #24
€ 19,00

032c #32
€ 15,00



San Rocco #13
€ 18,00

Migrant #2
€ 20,00


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