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10th Berlin Biennale & Design Miami/ Basel


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Time flies. And so do we. We are off to Basel!

For the 9th year in a row, we are delighted to invite you to visit our Design Miami/ Basel Satellite Store with a worthwile selection of mags and books about and way beyond everything art and design. If more than a ton of fresh print is not enough for you, we will again be happy to have a selection of rare books, co-curated with swiss art book publisher Kodoji Press especially for this occasion, on display – rest assured, it will be as inspiring as in years past.

So come and visit us from June 11th to 17th at Hall 1.0, Messe Süd, Tram stop »Messeplatz«, directly in the Entrance Hall – no fair tickets needed to visit our Satellite Store.

PS: Can’t make it to Basel? Of course do you read me?! will remain open in Berlin as well. Pop by on your walk through the events of the 10th Berlin Biennale, which is opening its doors across the city today.

See you!


Starting with the 10th Berlin Biennale…



10th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
- the Catalogue

Text in English
€ 29,90

This month Berlin hosts one of the most anticipated events of the year: The Biennale for Contemporary Art. Spread across five venues, this year’s thematic focus is encapsulated in one printed catalogue. Some of the raised questions touch upon how do we understand the relationships between the past and the present, particularly when it comes to thinking about valuable items and collectables which found their way to Europe via colonial routes. Included is “Dear History, we don’t need more heroes”, an essay by the Biennale’s curator Gabi Ngcobo pointing at power abuse. And “I’m not who you think I’m not,” a manifesto challenging socially constructed forms of being and knowledge. In addition to nicely presented notes about the participating artists and their contributions.



South as a state of mind #10
- Maintanance

Text in English
€ 15,00

Back in 2015 during the 14th edition of documenta, South as a State of Mind was endorsed as the festival’s printed publication. Conceived as a space of resistance rather than of confirmation, the journal itself endorses “the south”, as a notion beyond geographical terms. It probes into attempts of maintaining imperial hegemony and tyrannical power structures or what Suely Rolnik, one of the issue’s contributors calls “The Abuse of Life”. The larger spectrum of this 10th issue’s theme, Maintenance, is set forth in a piece written back in 1969 by Mierle Laderman Ukeles where she speaks about reproduction, attention and cleaning; being the components of maintenance activity as forms of art and even revolutionary acts. The relaunch of South as a re-independent magazine syncs up to the opening of the 10th Berlin Biennial, whose curators and selected artists contributed a crucial segment.


…and continuing with design related recommendations



The politics of design
Text in English
€ 17,00

Typography, colour preferences, photography, symbols and information graphics are essentially the products of specific political and social contexts. And that’s what the Politics of Design examines. In other words, it’s about the different cultural fabrics of human interaction which produce the ideas, shapes and colors of design activities. By showing how design is attached to politics and societies of different world regions, the book aptly demonstrates why we grow to be culturally biased, and occasionally fail to communicate with each other despite our belief in the universality of our aesthetics. Organised according to the formal elements of graphic design: language and typography, colour and contrast, image and photography, symbols and icons, and information graphics, it’s is an ideal manual for the enthusiast of visual culture.



The Future Starts Here
Text in English
€ 29,00

How would the future possibly look like? Especially in a world where things seem to be heading somewhere where design is playing a very important role in shaping such future! Touching upon issues like DNA analysis, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and space exploration, The Future Starts Here explores cutting edge scientific research and innovative pursuits, taking them from the laboratories and the studios to the attention of the general public. This includes research which has an impact on the Self, the Public, the Planet and the Afterlife. In comparison to the first issue released by V&A (this book’s publisher) dating back to 1852 and which sought to make sense of the Industrial Revolution, the current issue presents technologies and products in order to make sense of the nascent digital revolution.



Super Design
- Italian Radical Design 1965-75

Text in English
€ 55,00

It was the moment ‘design wanted to change the world’. The Radical Design movement rose from the students’ utter rejection of the tediously conventional design and architectural activity of the time, and the blazing desire to influence politics and society. This book revives the legacy of its key players like Lapo Binazzi, Pietro Derossi, Gianni Pettena and Alessandro Poli, and reintroduces the works of its pioneering studios such as UFO, Gruppo Strum, Archizoom, Studio65 and Superstudio. It shows the impact the movement had on other groups like Alchimia and Memphis and on postmodernist design. Inasmuch as the movement’s passions were politically and socially motivated, little of the original design ideas were developed with the consumer in mind, instead, they meant to be more of a provocative statement to spark change of reality.



Space Magazine
Text in English
€ 12,00

The biannual Space magazine which explores interior and cultural spaces, mixes articles and interviews with candid photography and displays of the occasionally extravagant concerns of living. Taking inspiration from the B-sides of records which sometimes include bonus tracks complementing an artist’s hit single, this seventh issue draws connections between the B-side and the quality of great artists for reinventing the known. It features a row of interviews with creatives including artist Dan Graham, glass designer Nina Nørgaard, model Iselin Steiro and architect Christoffer Harlang.



Beyond the new.
- On the agency of things.

Text in English
€ 40,00

This fruitful collaboration between theorist Louise Schouwenberg and designer Hella Jongerius follows an invitation by Die Neue Sammlung in Munich for the set up of an exhibition reflecting the museum’s rich, and world’s oldest archive of design. This book which accompanies the exhibition explores the underworld of the museum, pointing at the variety of meanings underlying the words “object” and “thing”. It also examines the relationships between “the new” which reflects the market’s obsessions with novelty for the sake of novelty and between “true innovations.” In striking high quality images, crisp colours and a round of hypothetical conversations and critical comments, Beyond the New ponders on the profound influences the things in our surroundings have on the quality of our lives and on shaping our very identity.



Night Fever
Designing Club Culture 1960 – Today

available in English or German
€ 59,90

What does this magnificent volume from Vitra Museum’s ongoing Night Fever exhibition has to offer? For one, a luminous flashback into the frenzies of the last fifty years’ nocturnal living with rare insights into how the nightlife culture evolved hand-in-hand with design ideas. It starts with the years leading to the rise of disco, in a time the dance floor turned into a magnetic field for all types of creatives. Hovering through the allure of nightly melodies, lights, design and architecture, Night Fever profiles a superb list of clubs from the Italian Radial Design clubs and Manchester’s Hacienda, to studio 54 of Andy Warhol and the Ministry of Sound in London, showing some of the period’s promotional leaflets, party invitations, floor plans, vintage photographs and records, and many great stories about the wicked creatures of the night.



What I’ve learned
- Twenty eight creatives share career-defining insights

Text in English
€ 30,00

An advice taken from an artist approaching the twilight of their career is more treasured than one from someone still at the beginning. The former is usually more prone to self-examination and to being more open about the blunders they could have avoided, instead of only focusing on the bright side of their achievements. This is applicable to nearly all 27 of the featured creatives in this book, among whom are the industrial designer Ingo Maurer (85), furniture designer Toshiyuki Kita (76) and architect Tadao Ando (76). In addition to sharing a list of priceless life lessons, the interviewees comment upon some of the most pressing challenges to design at the moment, such as the struggles between the autonomy of the artist and commercial pressures, the sometimes problematic dealings with clients and the occasional feeling that the world is already overburdened with too much stuff.



Brutalism now and then
Text in English
€ 44,00

Massive, Expressive, Sculptural: Brutalism: Now and Then, is a conveniently thick volume, wrapped in a clear-cut hard-back cover, in accordance with what we’re going to be dealing with inside. The rise and quick fall of brutalist architecture within the span of two decades (1960s – 1970s) was thought of as the end of it. But apparently, the powerful impressions left thereafter by the raw-looking variations and imposing greatness of béton brut have triggered a new surge of interest. In 300 pages, Brutalism: Now and Then offers a comparative outlook on the differences and similarities between some of the undervalued brutalist buildings of the past and some of the most successful brutalist architecture and design of the moment.



Harvard Design Magazine
- Into the woods

Text in English
€ 16,00

In the design world, forests are usually seen as a building site, an obstacle or as a resource for the realisation of a given project. But forests are more than that, they are first the vital component in a complex ecosystem that is desperately struggling to survive. In part, this caused by the unprecedented rates with which forests are disappearing, due to humans’ aggressive and arbitrary exploitation. Intersecting wilderness, urbanization, and myth, this 45th issue of Harvard Design magazines provides designers with a holistic overview on how to approach the woods in the 21st century, to be able to look beyond the fickle and dangerous perception that they are basically nothing more than a source of material.


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