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Kaum haben wir den Herbst akzeptiert, holt uns auch schon der Winter ein. Es wird Zeit sich auf einen Glühwein zu treffen und der erste Schnee ist auch schon gefallen. Und da es in den nächsten vier Wochen nicht weniger turbulent zu geht, haben wir für euch schon einmal die Vorauswahl für die möglichen Weihnachtsgeschenke getroffen. In den kommenden Wochen wird es insgesamt vier Newsletter geben, in denen ihr zu jedem Thema etwas finden könnt. Neben ausführlichen Buchtipps, haben wir für euch außerdem eine kleine Sammlung der neuesten Magazine angehängt. Happy Reading!



Black Transparency – The Right to Know in the Age of Mass Surveillance

Text auf Englisch
€ 22,00

Metahaven is a design studio based in Amsterdam, whose initial design work in support of WikiLeaks has since taken a more nuanced perspective on the double-edged sword of transparency and surveillance, of access and exclusion. In their own words, ”black transparency is an involuntary disclosure of official secrets against a backdrop of systematic online surveillance.” As such it has become a force, albeit an unpredictable one, in our still nascent information democracies. The book comprises a number of essays and some more zinesque sections. Since, despite all the advocacy for transparency, the world in general never appeared as opaque as now, this book presents itself as a tribute to the broken glass of the transparency movement.



Gen-Ichiro Yagyu

Text auf Deutsch
€ 13,00

Das Buch “Nasenlöcher“ ist ein Kinderbuch–Klassiker aus Japan und nun bei Rollo Press zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch erschienen. Auf 28 Seiten erfährt man alles Nützliche und Unnützliche, was man über Nasenlöcher wissen sollte. Nicht nur warum man sich nichts in die Nase stecken sollte, woher der Popel kommt und wie Nasenlöcher von unten aussehen – das Buch animiert auch zum Mitmachen. Dabei ist es keinesfalls didaktisch, sondern zeigt, wie man sich und den eigenen Körper auch mal mit Humor betrachten kann. Das Buch lebt von seiner hohen Druckqualität und den liebevollen Illustrationen.



Gasoline and Magic
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€ 54,00

The photobook ”Gasoline and Magic“ is dedicated to the fascination for motorsports in the 60ies until the 80ies. The book was produced as catalogue for the exhibition ”VROOOOAAAMMM“ in the swiss Museum im Bellpark and is published by Edition Patrick Frey. For the exhibition Hilar Stadler and Martin Stollenwerk arranged numerous photographs from the motorsport archives from Thomas Horat. On this way they draw a very vivide image from the former racing scene. The volume shows a time when participating at the formula 1 still meant to be a life-threatening situation and nobody had ever heard of electric injection pumps. The iconic pictures make you nearly feel how the air smells from fuel and photos of women in flares, motley colored racing suits and naked racing bolides give you a stunning feeling of motorsports nostalgia.



Ellsworth Kelly
Catalogue Raisonné
100,00 €

“It would be misleading to suggest that Kelly is the kind of genius who can do no wrong; truer to say that even his mistakes are generally worth out time.“ – FRIEZE

Ellsworth Kelly is well-known for his minimalistic, perfect shaped and colored paintings and sulptures. He is one of the most important representatives of Hard Edge. In a time over seventy years he influenced young artists like Tauba Auerbach, Matt Connors and Alex Israel. This is the only monograph which is dedicated to his hole work, from 1940 until today. It was developed in close collaboration with the artist. It includes all major works and periods from the early figuratives to the flat, colored shapes, from the prints and the drawings to the sculptures. The collection of work is accompanied by short essays by leading art historians, curators and writers. As well as his work is elegant, so is the catalogue elaborately designed and of high quality.



Philip Hensher (Ed.)
The Penguin Book of the British Short Story, Vol.1 & 2

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35,00 € pro Band

This is a thoroughly comprehensive collection of short stories comprising the cream of its brilliantly rich British tradition. Which is why these short stories come in the form of two tomes – solidly bound tomes, with imprinted linen covers. There are all the names you would reasonably expect and a number of previously hidden gems to be discovered. Volume One takes us from the genre’s origins in Defoe, Swift and Fielding to the end of the 19th century, whence Volume Two takes us to the form’s latest incarnations wrought by Janice Galloway and Ali as well as Zadie Smith. With Philip Hensher’s ”General Introduction”, which prefaces both Volumes, this omnibus provides a fantastic overview of the genre’s (broadly defined) British section.



Good Things To Drink
Text in Englisch
29,00 €

Ryan Chetiyawardana, better known as Mr. Lyan, decided early to bring the act of drinking to perfection. In thirteen years as bar professional he collected experiences at Edinborogh’s famous Bramble, studied Fine Arts (at Central Saint Martin), Biology and Philosophy and has won several global bartender awards. In 2013 he opened his bar White Lyan in London, followed by the bar Dandelyan in 2014. For the book Mr. Lyan wrote down a collection of recipes for every situation. He starts with the classical introduction about equipement, ingredience and techniques until he gets to the situation chapters. There you get sophisticated but easy recipes of drinks wether for a brunch or the perfect friday night. The book gets an extra-point for the last chapter, which is only about the perfect gin tonic. So with this book you’re perfectly prepared whenever your friends decide to come around.


Weitere interessante Titel / Further interesting titles:


current-obsession-issue-4 noon-issue-4 candy-transversal-issue

Current Obsession #4
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€ 15,00

Noon #4
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€ 14,00

Candy #9
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€ 45,00




Sabor #1
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€ 18,00

Space Magazine #3
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€ 12,00

cahiers d´art # 1/2015
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€ 75,00



Jenny #3/2015
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€ 19,95

Ambrosia #1
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€ 18,00


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