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Migrant Journal #1


Migrant Journal #1
Text in English
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There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task and not easy to manage. Especially when focussing on the topic of ‚migration‘ which has led to and has been used by a heated but equally important prevailing debate.

- What will it talk about?
- Migration.
- You mean the migrant crisis?
- That and other things. Migration is everywhere, it’s time we realise it again. It’s time writers, spatial thinkers and designers, artists, researchers of all kinds get together to re-think the concept of migration.

Migrant Journal’s first (and crowd-funded) issue Across Country starts with this imaginary conversation, which, in light of recent world politics – far-right extremism and globalization scepticism – seems to be more relevant than ever. Why do we perceive migration as crisis? Don’t we migrate as well when we move from one place to another? Isn’t our world dependent on movement, circulation and exchange? Migrant Journal wants to change our view, perception of and knowledge about migration, „exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, even fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on contemporary life.“ Their first of a 6-issue publication starts with the ‚rural space‘, the countryside as an important spatial setting and parameter for migration – disclosing its difficulties as well as possibilities. From the invisible borders of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea to the landscape migration of sediments – from Kent’s artificial countryside to the remnants of rivers in Iran – from the impact of Japan’s deathliest earthquake to American technology at the French countryside – from an interview with the curators of Oslo Triennale to a study on rural sociology by urbanist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre -
Migrant Journal’s first issue accomplishes what it has been aspiring to. In bringing together excellent and varied content by writers, designers, artists, researchers and photographers, ‚Across country‘ is an important contribution “to the rethinking and re-appropriation of migration.”

With contributions by: Martha Pskowski, Folder, Brett Milligan, Elisabeth Real, Christoph Miler, Justinien Tribillon, After Belonging Agency, Catarina de Almeida Brito, Dimitrios Bormpoudakis, Giuditta Vendrame, Julián Castro, Daniela Sanjinés, David Kostenwein, Henri Lefebrve, Hefin Jones, Pippo Ciorra.

Purple Magazine #27

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Purple Magazine #27
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30,00 Euro

It’s been worth the wait! Purple Fashion Magazine is back with their almost 500 page atlas of fashion, art, photography, essays and interviews, – a mesmerizing visual journey into everything that is exciting, exceptional and essential in the fashion world (in its broadest and most inclusive sense). Purple’s outstanding capability to broaden and explore fashion’s dimensions and horizons into the world of art and theory proves itself again in this spring/summer issue:
Purple magazine #27 looks at the relationship between sex and fashion, critically, curiously and emphatically. In the words of Olivier Zahm, editor-in-chief: „Fashion design today is the transgression of the sexual transgression and is truly helping people to express their sexual identity with confidence and originality. This is a captivating but subtle and even delicate evolution – especially among young designers and generations – as the fashion world adapts to a new erotic landscape outside of the familiar clichés and conventions.“

Including interviews with 20th Century Women director Mike Mills, artists Julio Le Parc and Vanessa Beecroft, fashion and furniture with Rick Owens, a conversation between photographer William Eggleston and Glenn O’Brien, portfolios by Ryan McGinley and John Currin, a portrait of the owner of Berlin’s legendary Paris Bar, a photographic homage to Chris Marker by Ed Templeton, an interview with contemporary French philosopher Tristan Garcia … and a special edition Purple Book by Carsten Höller.

Signature Strengths

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Signature Strengths
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15,00 Euro

Signature Strengths is a publication that results from of a research program of the St. Lucas School of Arts. This slick beauty is essentially a presentation and part reproduction of the so called no-frills books. The Jove publications where practically non-designed, anonymously authored genre-paperbacks. The four genres Western, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Romance (‚Complete with Everything: A kiss, a promise, a misunderstanding, another kiss, a happy ending‘) where pretty much all one needed to pass the time in pre-internet, smart phone-less America. Perhaps their dubious tagline ‚After you’ve read one, you won’t mind the others.‘ is to blame for the failure of the project then… If you still feel attracted by the blunt, almost comedic marketing strategy they employed and feel like tapping into the fabulously generic content of some of the very finest no-frills – this will surely be a treat for you!

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life

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Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life
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#43 of Harvard Design – titled Shelf Life – is ‘an investigation of contents, containers and systems of storage that organize our world’. Already in the editorial letter the oozing wound of contemporary capitalism is being poked into: ‚How does all this stuff mask or overcompensate for economic and ecological bankruptcy?‘ (Touché, I’d say, if I were Capitalism.) You might not find answers in this magazine, but rather marvelous reports and descriptions of different systems of storage, like an essay on the history of the pre-ikea bookshelf, the huge storage facilities of Ricola and Walmart as well as a great conversational interview on food-preservation in Soviet Russia.
And it looks so great you’ll want to store it in your Billy-shelf forever…

Get your copy at the shop or send an email to buy@doyoureadme.de – we ship worldwide!

The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series


The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series
Various Titles
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As we celebrate 30 years of transmediale in Berlin it’s quite obvious the world is spinning faster and faster. This year’s transmediale title ‘ever elusive’ picks up on those subtle feelings of discomfort with the dizzying unknown as well as questioning new developments of technology and art about their transformative potential. If you’d like to emerse in a rather ’non-elusive’ (but nevertheless equally informing) media format – the book (yes, it does still exist) – we recommend our selection of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series. With titles such as ‚Machine Learning‘, ‚Robots‘, ‚Paradox‘ or ‚Metadata‘, this series is trying to undercut the present era of instant information gratification and superficial description. It takes into account the fact that we might feel overwhelmed by today’s more and more complex systems of knowledge and technology. Thus, each of their small pocket size volumes starts with the fundamentals, considering we might all be nonspecialists, newcomers to our own conditions. And maybe, slowly, the ‘ever elusive’ won’t feel so slippery anymore.

The Plant #10


The Plant #10
Text in English
14,00 Euro

It’s here! The latest issue of The Plant magazine with a beautiful double cover and photographs by Jürgen Teller, Nick Knight an many more! Also included, to celebrate its tenth issue, is an exclusive pull-out print by Viviane Sassen.
Get your copy at the shop or send an email to buy@doyoureadme.de – we ship worldwide!

Berlin Fashion Week Special – CANDY #10


Candy #10
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do you read me?! Fashion Week Special closes with a special recommendation: CANDY is a 300 page heavy, colourful and diverse celebration of fashion’s essence: dressing up, down and across identities. Or, as guest editor Hari Nef puts it, it’s for those who love fashion “not for what it is, but what it could be.” The latest 10th issue of the transgender magazine offers contributions by Torraine Futurum, Gisele Alicea, Ser Serpas, Nan Goldin (just to name a few of the inspiring people behind CANDY) and an artist book by Steven Meisel.

(on the Cover: Torraine Futurum by Lia Clay)

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Culture Industry


If Berlin Fashion Week leaves you thinking you’re trapped in the industry’s treadmill of shallowness and blind consumerism, don’t surrender. There are exciting magazines and journals out there, offering a critical and informed look at the CULTURE INDUSTRY of Fashion. VESTOJ’s latest issue looks at masculine and male identities within fashion – weaving theory with prose, fiction and interviews in order to bridge the gap between academia and the fashion industry. With contributions by Jo Paoletti, Wolfgang Tilmanns, Ty Emmeca or Kenneth Goldsmiths (to name a few). “Everybody loves Muiccia” is the title of SYSTEM’s latest issue, offering (not only) in-depth conversations and editorials with and by Prada’s creative genious. A MAGAZINE, this time curated by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, gives a very intimate and auratic insight into the inspirations and aesthetic values of one of the industry’s leading figures.

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Food and Fashion


Even if FOOD AND FASHION seem to only have their initials in common, their relationship goes way back. Both are beautiful, deceiving, and an everyday form of expression. Think Marie-Antoinette. Or Lady Gaga. Or indulge into one of our Fashion & Food Magazines, if you’re not convinced. BRUTAL combines interviews, recipes and essays, making food beautiful and fashion yummy. FFF ZINE is the self-proclaimed ‘World’s Dishiest Magazine’ and wants to remind us that food, as well as fashion, ‘should be fun’. And truth be told, it’s a lot of fun reading up on Luis Venegas’ or Chris Dercon’s “Dish Troubles”. ALLA CARTA features interviews with inspirational people about fashion, design and art. At the table, over coffee, breakfast or dinner. Brain Food and Eye Candy!

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Vogue


“VOGUE is a very specific world. You are Vogue, or not Vogue.”

No better time to be ‘vogue’ than during Fashion Week with a supply of international VOGUE titles. do you read me?! offers Vogue DE, FR, IT, UK, USA, ES as well as RU and JPN, Vogue Runway, L’Uomo Vogue and Teen Vogue. En plus, you can get a glimpse behind the scenes with editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman’s book INSIDE VOGUE.

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Patterns, Fabrics and Materials


What’s Fashion without the magic of PATTERNS, FABRICS and MATERIALS? Get inspired with our selection of books diving into the infinite world of patterns, materials and their creators. OTHERWORLDLY looks at the extraordinary in fashion (in the literal sense) and gives us a glimpse into the trends and evolutions of mechanized materials, mutant make-up or transhuman technologies. PATTERNS is a beautifully designed visual enzyclopedia of textile designs and their creators. BLOOM takes inspiration from flowers, plants and gardening and has been an important source for trend forecasting in the past decade. Artist NATHALIE DU PASQUIER has been drawing patterns for textiles and ideas for clothes since being a part of the Memphis Group in 1981. Her drawings and sketches have been collected in this 300 page book, together with short texts and interviews with the “decorative genious” herself.

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Classics


Alle Jahre wieder…! do you read me?! will accompany BERLIN FASHION WEEK with a special guide for fashion-magazine lovers, theorists, tourists, trendsetters and of course anyone else. Our Fashion Week Special starts off with the recommendation of our shop’s fashion magazine classics: PURPLE MAGAZINE, FANTASTIC MAN, THE GENTLEWOMAN and 032.c. Why? Because they’re individually unique, diverse magazines that give you an idea of the beauties, diversities, discussions and obscurities in fashion. Perfect for a start, even better for in-depth reading.

365 Calendrical Notebook


365 Calendrical Notebook
25,00 €

Want to keep focussed on all those new years resolutions? Or trick everyone into thinking you’re investing in solid gold now? Let us help you with our all time classic: The 365 Calendrical Notebook with gilt edging. Grab yours at our shop – we’re open Monday to Saturday from 10am – 7:30pm or simply order it by mail via buy@doyoureadme.de

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day

Our store will be closed all-day on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day–thats December 24th and 31st for all digital natives ; )

And we’d like to grab the opportunity to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, just in case you have all your festive readings together and don’t pop into our store these days.

Christmas Gift Guide – The City Hopper

These city guides are full of very well selected tips by locals! And on top you should get the Travel Almanac so you have something to read on your next flight to Miami…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Activist

This is for your cousin who never misses a G8 demonstration, who dreams of his own “Wohnprojekt” and who believes that 2017 is the time for change. We are with you, brother! Books to keep you going: ‘Keine Angst vor Partizipation’, ‘Political Interventions’, ‘Reform!’, ‘Things that can & cannot be said’.

Christmas Gift Guide – The (Almost) Last Minute

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Sure, christmas is around the corner and you can’t decide what to buy? Get one of our vouchers and let the presentee decide what to pick from our amazing selection. From 1€ to 99€ – everything is possible. Come by – we’re open every day except Sundays from 10am until 7:30pm! Oh, hohoho, we are closed on Christmas Eve…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Little People

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This is for the little ones. Everyone knows a little one…

Christmas Gift Guide – The City Hopper

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These city guides are full of very well selected tips by locals! And on top you should get the Travel Almanac so you have something to read on your next flight to Miami…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Activist

This is for your cousin who never misses a G8 demonstration, who dreams of his own “Wohnprojekt” and who believes that 2017 is the time for change. We are with you, brother! Books to keep you going: ‘Keine Angst vor Partizipation’, ‘Political Interventions’, ‘Reform!’, ‘Things that can & cannot be said’.

Christmas Gift Guide – A Curious Mind’s Subscription

The Curious

This is for the curious allrounder – an exciting mix of Design, Food, Culture, Art and Literature magazines (basically whatever you can find in our shop!) Get your subscription today and receive a selection of different magazines on a wide range of topics – to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, broaden your horizon, or just read something unexpected every day. Check out our subscription form: www.doyoureadme.de/service

Christmas Gift Guide – The Sensual

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This is for all the nurse trainees or your little niece who wants to know the functions of the body. “The Origin of Senses” explains and imagins through beautiful illustrations which go far beyond biology.

Christmas Gift Guide – Berlin Berlin

Everybody knows someone who is new in Berlin and who constantly keeps asking where to go, what to do or why Berlin is that island it is. Or you have friends and family coming over and need a way to keep them busy without having to play tour guide yourself… Get our BERLIN titles!

Christmas Gift Guide – The Design Theorist

For all the conceptual Designers out there. For all the brain-food-needing crafters. Weltentwerfen by Friedrich von Borries, Excursuses in Seating #2 by Max Lamb, Slow Reader, Strange Design, Adhocism, Perpetual Inventory.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Writer

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE – The Writer – For friends of beautiful language, storytelling and the power of words: George Orwell – Seeing things as they are, The Dept. of Corrections by Rob Nickas, Anguish Language – Wrtiting and Crisis, Brutalist Readings by John Douglas Millar.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Foodie

The age of fast food is sooo over! For everyone who appreciates good food and drinks or for your stupid cousin who eats frozen pizza and just does not want to listen to your reasonable lectures, that little brat…: Polpo, Regarding Cocktails, The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining.

Christmas Gift Guide – A Photographers’ Subscription

You want to get inspired and surprised by our amazing stock? Get a subscription with a subject and we send you the latest, the best, the most unknown magazines. Weekly, monthly, quarterly how ever you like! Check out our subscription form for private or business: www.doyoureadme.de/service/ Here an example of what you could get with a Photography-Subscription…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Planterieur

You want that instagram home with that window sill full of succulents? Your brothers only plant has only three leaves left and fights for his life on a drop of water once a month? Your company just moved into a new office and you want to give your boss a hint? Well here they are, the books about the indoor jungle: Evergreen, House of Plants, Greenterior.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Feminist

This is for all the strong woman! We will making this world better, just watch (or read)! Hair – Ken Kagami, Riposte, Mushpit, Aperture, Ladybeard

Christmas Gift Guide – The Lazy Cat On Your Couch


The ultimate gift for your fat lazy cat. Do some workout, man! This is a calendar with images of jumping cats by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Apocalyptic Visionary

It’s monday and again the world is still here… if you have relatives who love conspirancy theories and believe the Zombie Apocalypse is coming, well we have even something for them. Or if your friend is just plain right frightened in this unstable world (aka 09.November), then give them something to read: Roald Dahl – Madness, The Ladybird Book of – The Zombie Apocalypse, Alain de Botton – Status Anxiety.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Visually Obsessed

This is for your friend who can not get enough of weirdly fascinating pictures with popping colours, of still lifes with colourful random objects, of patterns in memphis style: Toiletpaper, Nathalie du Pasquier – Don’t take these drawings seriously and, very nice, Takashi Suzuki – Bau.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Poet

This compilation is for all lovers and creators of aesthetic and rhythmic words: Popshot Magazine, Sonnets by Walter Benjamin, Anthology of Concrete Poetry, Poetry Magazine & Haiku by Rafael Rozendaal.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Fashionist

For all the male fashionistas, for all the gentleman with style, for all the well dressed chaps and the brothers who just take too damn long in the bathroom… Fashion for Men, Men of Style, Men and Style, Behind the Blinds

Christmas Gift Guide – The Reader

The Reader – Well, some just like to read a good story and even for them we have something in stock. Zadie Smith – “Swing Time”, Patti Smith – “Just Kids”, Jonathan Safran Foer – “Here I am” and the magazine for book lovers: The Happy Reader!

hot off the press: Buffalo Zine #4, Intern #4, Justified #4, Magazine B #Berlin, Moon #4, Mossless #4, Numero Homme Berlin #5, Riposte #7, Rough Trade #8, Shelf Heroes #D, Sleek A/W 2016, Splash & Grab #3, The Gourmand #8, Weekender #23

Christmas Gift Guide – The Cynic With The Missing Drinking Problem

Some good presents for your aunt with the cynical weltanschauung, who does not understand that a drinking habit would make her character so much more plausible. Or of course for you, if only drinking helps you keep a holy smile on your face when you have to sit with all your relatives for christmas dinner…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Lover of Flesh

From the actual “flesh is meat is food” to Brad Pitt to the Lapham’s Quaterly scholarly piece of the history of the flesh: Fat Brad, Lucky Peach – The Wurst, Lapham’s Quaterly – Flesh (For Instagram we chose the non age-restricted reading materials for the devourer of flesh. For the other ones you have to drop by our shop…)

Christmas Gift Guide – The Traveling Architect

Do you know someone who travels half the globe to look at a building? Who understands culture through built environement? Or an architect, who (like all architects) truly derserves a holiday? Well, this is for them: Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide, Italo Modern 1&2 (now also in english), Imperium Romanum, David Chipperfield – The Embedded Nomad & El Alto. The last is an incredible visual collection of buildings in the bolivian city El Alto far up in the Andes, where one architect followed his vision and build houses without comparison. Their style is something between 70s psychodelic Panton and Las Vegas.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Dropout

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If recent events let you believe that you need to leave society and people behind you and live alone in the woods or even start your own country, then this is for you! (Or of course for your uncle who just can not deal with human kind anymore) The Hinterland, How to Make a Nation, Cabin Porn.