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Arkitip #53


X: Mark of Collaboration
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The poet Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”
A great collaboration occurs at that nexus of unforeseen possibilities and positive friction. Grace, openness and honesty can achieve extra-ordinary results. The most satisfying experiences in our careers, as a Cultural Engineer and a Creative Director, have been these moments. – Alex Calderwood and John C Jay, Editors & Creative Directors of this inspiring issue.

Featuring: Gus Van Sant x Paige Powell, John Maeda x Becky Bermont, Akio Iida, Aaron Koblin x Takashi Kawashima, Apolis Activism x Filson x Invisible Children, Bruce Wolf x Ying, Coleman x Goldkrand, Howie Pyro x Z-Trip, Jeremy Pelley x Fritz Mesenbrink x Mathew Foster, Lisa Chacón x Jared Lovejoy x Jason Harler, Matt Black x Alex Asher Daniel, Roman Alonso x Carlos Morera, Shawn Wolfe x Houston, Dong Wei x Huang Wei Don, Ambra Medda x Silvia Fendi, Yves Béhar x Ethan Imboden, Tom Sachs x Camilla Deterre.