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032c #19


Summer 2010, #19
Texte auf Englisch
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“I have become a mere recording angel,” states WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN in this issue’s 40-page dossier on the American author’s pursuit to understand the tyrannical world; meanwhile, Pierre Alexandre de Looz activates the secret Vogue history of CY TWOMBLY photographed by Horst P. Horst; publisher LORD GEORGE WEIDENFELD divulges the historical foundation of the global networking imperative; architect ARNO BRANDLHUBER asks how we can build architecture in the form of a discussion; artist MATTHEW BARNEY previews the Detroit chapter of his opera Ancient Evenings; designer RICK OWENS talks about the discrete, the lurid, and the total aesthetic; director Paul Schrader and king of disco Giorgio Moroder crystallize 30 years of AMERICAN GIGOLO; artist ANDRO WEKUA stares us down with a 21st-century scenography;…and so much more on 284 pages!