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Apartamento #05


Apartamento – an everyday life interiors magazine
Text auf Englisch
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Featuring interviews with Dominique Nabokov, photographer of legendary books Paris Living Rooms and New York Living Rooms; Justin Bond, American singer-songwriter and performance artist, as well as actor in the movie Shortbus and Walter Pfeiffer, legendary Swiss photographer, about his last 50 years of living in Zurich and his hidden career as an illustrator. Furthemore an Essay on the Dornach community in Switzerland, exclusive content by Mateo Kries for an upcoming Vitra Design Museum touring exhibition; an interview with Alex Wiederin, acclaimed art director living in New York with his family, about his life in Manhattan; a personal essay by singer Lovefoxxx, of Brazilian band CSS, about life in Sao Paolo; an interview with Tokyo based chef, Narukiyo, about his collecting obsession; a visual essay of Rachel Chandler’s New York apartment by Marlene Marino and an interview with Midori Araki and photography by Takashi Homma.
Not to forget, Binocolo #02, an everyday life travel supplement with Phoenix exclusive iPhone photo journal from Wolfgang Amadeus tour and a visual essay on Japanese Mountains by Kasane Nogawa.