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I LOVE YOU – The Wrong Issue


I love you – #9 The Wrong Issue
Text auf Englisch
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Errare humanum est. Being wrong is no mistake.
It opens a whole new world of possibilities and perspectives we could have never explored by behaving and acting always right.Why don’t you try some beauty care the celebrities or even your own grandmother would recommend? What is it that makes people afraid of looking in owl’s eyes or present a pair of new shoes to the boyfriend? And if you are curious about why girls want to be rather beautiful than smart, you should not miss the amazing essay of Mahret Kupka. Get to know the characters behind Maria von Euler, a swedish multi-tasking-talent and Martin Eder, who proves that behind every beauty there has to be at least a little uglyness. Also we talked to Michael Landy who put in operation what we all wish for sometimes and destroyed in an art project all of his belongings. Furthermore and exclusively you will meet “the other” Tyra Banks – one of the strongest and most incorruptible (buisness-)women I’ve ever met. See what happens if two cultures collide in one picture. We managed a photoshoot in Fotostudio Babylon located in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The result speaks for itself.