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I Read Where I Am


I Read Where I Am
Exploring New Information Cultures

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“I Read Where I Am” examines new tendencies and currents in information design and our concomitant reading habits. Information is universally available, is avidly absorbed everywhere, browsed through, clicked. The daily paper that is read from front to back seems a thing of the past, as information is predominantly picked up online and simultaneously. “I Read Where I am” gathers 82 essays that reflect on the future of reading – covering everything from letters and punctuation, to the individual word, and the different perception of printed and digital texts. Framed by empirical indexes, which categorize the words of the book, contextualize and semantically supplement them, the graphic division of the texts in frequently and rarely used words endows the publication with a rhythmically flowing pattern.
This publication has been conceived as a cooperation between the Graphic Design Museum and the Institute of Network Culture, which focuses on the internet and new media.