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Too Much – Magazine of Romantic Geography #02


Too Much – Magazine of Romantic Geography

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“Too Much” compiles thoughts on cities, the people that live in them, and their environment. Doing this, it presents a romantic geography of living and lived experience. As before, the second edition of the Japanese magazine emphasises substantiated research just as much as a balanced quality of text and image. The earthquake and Fukushima catastrophes this spring were reasons for “Too Much” to re-focus on the constellation between humans, the city and the environment. “Afterimages: Tokyo at Night” illustrates how much neon signs – so emblematic of the Japanse economy – have formed Tokyo’s outward appearance, now that they no longer glow, for energy-saving reasons. Apichatpong Weerasethakul longs in “Distand Jungles” for the fabulous depth of the Thai jungle, while Jun Aoki announces “The End of Architecture as Entertainment”.
There are further contributions by Nohiko Hino, Item Idem, Take Hirakawa, Himaa, Zak Kyes, Anders Edström, C.W. Winter, Kyohei Sakaguch, Ron Eglash and Tomoo Gokita, accompanied by a dossier by Takashi Homma.