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Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek
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You kind of know the type – the nice grannies in their many-shades-of-beige trench coats, the now-younger-than-ever-looking yummie mummies, the ‘game boys’ with their rectangular look, as well as the somehow-anyhow individual hipsters. In the study-esque photo book “Exactitudes” – a compound word coined from ‘exact’ and ‘attitude’ – photographers Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek examine urban dress codes. With scientific rigour they have classified social groups, photographically documented their individuals, and arranged them in serial plates. These look scarily uniform – and yet they differ, in personal detail and codes, if only just. “Exactitudes” is as significant as it is amusing a study of urban identity models, an anthropological journey spanning the cities and social strata of the world.
The new 2011 edition supplements the earlier work with 48 additional identities that have been spotted on the streets of Rotterdam, Milan, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Casablanca, New York, London and Paris.