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Log #23
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Mario Carpo on aggregatory design processes; Nicholas de Monchaux on NASA’s last shuttle flight; Andrew Witt on the history of design hacking; Pier Vittorio Aureli on Cedric Price’s Thinkbelt project; and Paul Virilio on the insecurity of history.
And: Greg Lynn on chemical architecture; Brennan Buck on plastic tectonics; Mike Silver on the structure of an airplane; and Simone Brott on the future in Corbusier’s Firmany.
Plus: Antoine Picon reviews Schumacher’s treatise; Andrea Phillips finds folly in Zumthor’s Serpentine pavilion; Joseph Clarke considers Wagner’s Gestamtkunstwerk; Luca Farinelli queries Emilio Ambasz, Peter Eisenman, Steven Holl, Bjarke Ingels, and Thom Mayne; and more.