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Lucky Peach #2


Lucky Peach
#2 – The Sweet Spot

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Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal of food and writing, published by McSweeney’s.
Peter Meehan and David Chang eat MORE in Kyoto, Kentucky, and Copenhagen. Anthony Bourdain, LP’s resident film critic, considers Patrick Swayze’s Road House. Ike Jime: Japanese fish killing 101. Geoffrey Montgomery discusses our neurobiological sweet spot. Foam Party with Ferran Adrià. Adam Gollner on a quest for prepubescent fruit. Kimchi: the OG sweet and sour. Art from Celeste Byers, Vanessa Davis, Mark Todd, Wendy Macnaughton, and others. Recipes from Christina Tosi, Daniel Patterson, Alex Stupak, and Julian Van Winkle.