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IdN – Humorous Design


IdN – Humorous Design and DVD “Annual review of the “Best of the Best”
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Who doesn’t like to make people laugh? An ability to do this always adds something special to the message being conveyed, however serious its ultimate intent, and the rewards for those designers with a universal sense of humour, and technique to match, can be huge. In this issue, IdN have gathered together the work and words of 11 genuinely funny designers, who all have radically different approaches. Featuring Justin Barber | Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle | Rétrofuturs | Marco Ugolini | EYESAW | Chloe Hanks aka Hanksy | Viktor Hertz | Mr. Bingo | Joseph Ernst | Airside | Marc Johns

They have also selected 32 brilliant videos from the last five issues of Motion Gallery, which were themed around Network Branding, Projection Mapping, Mixed Media, Infographics and 8Bit Video-Games Technology, as well as from the online channel IdN Onair.