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Back Cover – #5


Back Cover – #5
Text auf Französisch und Englisch
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Including “The Designer as Artist by Richard Hollis”. “A Small Bookshop” by Norman Potter, introduction by Robin Kinross. “A design project, destroyed before it could be used”, became emblematic for its designer. Norman Potter relates the conception and the construct of a bookshop that never saw the light. “Life Changing Book by Conny Purtill”. “Happypets: Audio Tattoos by Joël Vacheron”. Almost everything for Happypets goes through music: design for festivals, record sleeves, tattoos, etc. The Swiss trio recalls 10 years of work through an energetic playlist. “Futura, the Font of our Time by Paul Renner” – 1927. Paul Renner, on the occasion of the distribution by the Bauer foundry of his Futura: “We must get used to the idea that typography has nothing to do with writing”. And typography came into the storm of Modernity. If Men Descend from Monkeys, Futura Descends from Goethe by Victor Guégan. “Irma Boom, Book Designer by Peter Bi?ak”. Irma Boom is known all over the world for her work in the editorial field. Peter Bi?ak wanted to know more about.