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…ment – Journal for Contemporary Culture, Art and Politics – #3


Frag…ment (On Authorship)
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The Berlin based journal …ment operates between culture, art and politics, and comes in a limited edition of 250 copies. Each issue of this biannual publication addresses a specific theme, and include contributions from upcoming and established artists, thinkers and cultural practitioners. The third issue, called Frag…ment, looks at forms of authorship – both individual and collective – in a cultural context where the value of knowledge is created by the circulation and distribution of information. What does it mean to work, think or act both as individuals and together? Reflecting on minority and majority, the individual and the collective, the social and the political or the author and the public, Frag…ments looks at authorship as a place of encounter, and engages with contemporary social and political issues to generate a dynamic discourse. Contributions by Federica Bueti, Vanessa Place and Jan Verwoert, to name a few.