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Pigs and Papa by Toshiteru Yamaji


Pigs and Papa by Toshiteru Yamaji
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A pig peacefully sleeping on the man’s belly, or looking at a newspaper over the man’s shoulder, when the man plays the guitar, all the pigs gather up and it becomes a impromptu concert – from morning till night, the farm family spend all of their time with those thousands of pigs, more as a family. While farming process tends to become completely automatic in the course of mass-production and consumption, this family does all by hands, pouring their love on each pig, during each work: from feeding to sewage treatment. Beyond merely a relation of livestock and the farmer, the photographs shown in this book clearly represent the bonds with full of love between the farmer and the pigs. The photographer has continuously photographed this farmer and pigs over 10 years. A self-published book of this photographer is here largely revised and reborn as more lovely, happier photo book!