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Come On In My Kitchen


Come On In My Kitchen
- The Robert Johnson Book, Traveller Edition
Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch
19,00 €

Mit Beiträgen von Bill Brewster; DJ Harvey; Gerd Janson; Ewan Pearson; Ivan Smagghe; Katharina Helmbold; Roman Flügel; Stephan Loichinger; Theo Parrish; Tobias Rehberger; Tobias Thomas.

“Thank you for dancing and never forget: the good times are always now! Farewell, Ramona.” These words by “Robert Johnson’s” own and very mysterious hostess might be as mundane as the very concept of nightclubs. But at a second glance, it is apparent that they are not only hotbeds of sin or places where dance and pop music are shaped, refined, and processed, but also where art, design, fashion, and culture meet in a whirlwind of hedonism. “Come On In My Kitchen” is the story of such a place.