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Frame – #90


Frame – #90
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In this issue, lighting designer Sarah Landau, LED maestro Tom Jenkinson and musician Amon Tobin talk about how light projections can turn music into a physical entity. Pictures from theEncyclopedia of Flowers by graphic designer Kenya Hara and flower artist Makoto Azuma and delve into the microcosmic world of flowers and plants. We ask David Adjaye about the two new light-filled libraries he has just completed in Washington, DC. Feauturing – How retail spaces are referencing the digital world – The best of the Venice Biennale from Selgas Cano, Konstantic Gcric, plus Kortrijk highlights from Ross Locegrove, Troika and Makkink & Bey. Plus art from Random International, Doug Wheeler, and more, exhibitions in Paris by Jouin Manku and the Campanas, and Zaha Hadid in Montpellier.