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Palais – #18


Palais de Tokyo – #18
Text auf Französisch und Englisch
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Published at the occasion of “Nouvelles vagues”, the 2013 summer season of the Palais de Tokyo, this issue of PALAIS underlines the importance of the recently defined curator figure and sheds light upon current exhibition practices developed by the latter. This figure, which emerged in the context of a general questioning of the artistic institutions in the 1960s, has now become inseparable of a reinterpretation of art history through the prism of the exhibition as a medium. In order to testify about this transformation in the art ecosystem, the Palais de Tokyo presents the projects of 21 young curators or curator groups (of 13 different nationalities) selected after an international call for proposals, and leads along 32 galleries and art spaces all over Paris.
The magazine PALAIS devotes its issue #18 to the 53 exhibitions that constitute “Nouvelles Vagues,” including original contributions by the young curators invited by the Palais de Tokyo and the Parisian galleries.