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Monu – #18


Monu – #18
On Communal Urbanism
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How should we live together? is the central question of this 18th issue of MONU on the topic of “Communal Urbanism”, focusing on contemporary communal living in cities. According to Martin Abbott’s contribution “Learning to Live Together”, this is a question often discussed among the housemates of Berlin’s 40 year old communal “Hausprojekt Walde”. Rainer Langhans, one of the early members of the legendary “Kommune 1″, founded in Berlin in 1967, is convinced that in the future we will live increasingly communally. He sees a growing demand for, and interest in, communal life and shared experiences as he explains in our interview with him entitled “Privacy and Ecstasy”. But in contrast to his own experiences in Kommune 1, where he experienced an uninterrupted, 24/7, spiritual communal ecstasy of love, the communal life of the future will instead be characterized by temporary communities, where people meet and share spaces, facilities and experiences occasionally, similar to his own current communal life…