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New Eastern Europe – Summer 2013

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New Eastern Europe – Summer 2013
“Why Culture Matters?”
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New Eastern Europe is a quarterly English language news magazine that covers Central and Eastern Europe. This issue, titled “Why Culture Matters”, opens up by illustrating the importance of culture in understanding the political and social realities that exist in the region.Lithuanian Philosopher and Member of European Parliament, Leonidas Donskis, in his text about the art of difficult dialogue points out that despite its apparent divisions, Europe is united by a universal culture and values. Géza Kovács, the director of the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra also notes the importance of culture in this region: “Central and Eastern Europe is brimming with examples of links between the performing arts and political change.” Paweł Śpiewak’s portrait of Janusz Korczak describes the final days of a figure that continues to shape Polish society decades after his death, while Ana Dabrundashvili explores the heritage and meaning of Joseph Stalin in Georgia and the controversy surrounding local Georgian villages’ desire to commemorate the controversial figure. In addition to the discussion on culture, this issue also looks at matters that relate to international relations including an interview with Jerzy Pomianowski on the newly established European Endowment for Democracy; Poland’s leadership role in the Visegrad Group; Russia’s use of religion in foreign policy; and the lack of a comprehensive approach to this region by the Obama administration.