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Turps Banana #13


Turps Banana
- Issue 13

Text in English
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Turps Banana is a quarterly magazine from the UK about painting, made by painters. This unique approach of being written by painters rather than by art historians or critics gives the examination of the issue a very intimate extra-engaged twist of colleagues presenting and discussing each others work. The magazine features exhibition reviews, interviews and studio visits accompanied by plenty of images. The current issue 13 starts with John Chilvers` comparison of two London shows: Frank Auerbach: Early Works 1954-1978 and London`s Post-War Art Scene: David Bomberg and the Borough Group, followed by an article about John Wilkins by Tim Renshaw, an interview with Stewart Geddes by Bert Irvin, Michael Szpakowski on Jake Longstreth, facing the difficulty of never actually having seen the work for real and discussing aspects of reproduction. In a Turps Banana interview with Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs we gain a deep insight into the making of their carefully constructed collaborate canvases. There is also an interview by Katarina Blannin with Andrew Bick on his abstract paintings that are all made in a very methodical yet random way of echoing previous paintings. Also in this issue: an interview with Lee Maelzer by Geraldine Swayne, San Coombs talking to Tim Allen and a review of some recent painting shows in New York.