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Back Cover – #6 Japan


Back Cover – #6
Text auf Französisch und Englisch
€ 25,00

The sixth issue of “Back Cover” is the result of a four-month period spent in Japan. It is devoted entirely to this geographical and cultural area. Little of what is created in Japan reaches us. Our knowledge is limited to commercially viable (and hence translated) imports and to a number of marginal and more unusual aspects, occasionally introduced by enthusiasts keen to share their interest. With contributins on Japanese typography, graphics, book design and publishing by: Victor Guégan, Laurent Bruel, Jennifer Hasae, Christophe Marquet, Anne-Lyse Renon, Kodama Kanazawa, Niijima Minoru, Kiyonori Muroga, Noi Sawaragi, Isao Shimizu, Naoharu Tatara, Mariko Yokogi, Alexandre Dimos, Toshiaki Koga