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White Fungus – #13


White Fungus – #13
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The new issue opens with the essay-fiction hybrid “The First Woman on Mars”, in which author Ron Drummond proposes in a “thought experiment” an original Mars settlement scenario. Auckland writer Tessa Laird waxes lyrical on her love affair with bats, addressing popular misconceptions of bats while considering their representation in art and popular culture.
Nicola Trezzi, former US editor of Flash Art, presents an introduction to the Indonesian art scene. White Fungus editor Ron Hanson writes a personal account of the Taipei art scene, outlining its political and aesthetic contours and its development over the past two decades, but with an eye to the future. The issue also features an article by Mattin on Taipei artist Hong-kai Wang, whose work features in the current MoMA exhibition Soundings: A Contemporary Score, the first ever major exhibition of sound art to take place at the museum.