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Little white lies – The Muppets Most Wanted Issue

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Little white lies – The Muppets Most Wanted Issue
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Green Zone: LWLies speaks to diminutive showbiz icon Kermit the Frog about his stellar career. Fifty Shades of Green: The frog prince gets the LWLies biog treatment in this bumper guide to Jim Henson’s favorite creation. Henson’s Early Years: From Sam and Friends to Saturday Night Live, LWLies traces the roots of the Muppets via Jim Henson’s early career output. Eclectic Mayhem: The ultimate guide to the Muppets myriad musical treasures .Piano Man: LWLies jams it out with Flight of the Conchords troubadour and Muppets songman Bret McKenzie. Woman or Muppet: Ever wondered what getting your own Muppet clone would be like? LWLies finds out…Also in this issue: Jesse Eisenberg meets The Double; Brendan Gleeson preaches Calvary; Wes Anderson invites us to stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel; Jack O’Connell is Starred Up; Scarlett Johansson gets Under the Skin; Gareth Evans stages The Raid 2; Tom Hardy is Locke; Mia Wasikowska makes Tracks; Juno Temple whispers Magic Magic; Terry Gilliam equates The Zero Theorem; Lukas Moodysson shouts We Are the Best!; and Lars von Trier gets sweaty Nymphomaniac style.