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I Love You – #10


I Love You – #10
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Crisis – a turning point, crucial or decisive. A change resulting in either improvement or deterioration. A struggle that has reached its pinnacle and needs to be resolved. In all aspects of our society – political, economical, social, and environmental – a crisis is that moment where the breaking point is reached, and the only choice before us is fight or flight. What are you afraid of? Is it rational or evolutionary? Should you run screaming or face it head on? Alicia Reuter had the pleasure of exploring the many masks of Gillian Wearing. Mirna Funk goes deep into obsession with German author Joachim Bessing. A Parisian photo shoot unveils chic French fashion modeled by Josephine de la Baume. Plus great tips on how to burn calories with the help of horror movies and an interesting take on the hidden side of home agriculture. Take a seat and enjoy I Love You #10 The Crisis Issue!