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Anthology – #15


Anthology – #15
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This issue includes a chat with Kristin Perers, the UK-based photographer behind the blog This Is 50. The travel dispatch examines Venice Beach from the perspective of a native. End any meal on a sweet note with a trio of desserts of varying degrees of complexity. A visit of two sisters in Vancouver, as well as their mother who resides in Mexico; all three of their homes share an appreciation for the naturally beautiful. The issue also includes the interiors of: a 20-something starting out in San Francisco; a young family living in Amsterdam; a filmmaker and stylist in his 40s who occupies a Chicago loft; and a Boston-area designer and shopkeeper in her mid-70s. Meet the 70-year-old Italian gallerist considered by many to be a bellwether of cutting-edge design. A New Orleans dinner party brings together artists at different stages in their careers and life.