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Kinfolk – #12


Kinfolk – #12
Text auf Englisch
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Featuring: Photo essays that take us to salt-encrusted landscapes in Bolivia and Peru; Essays on the lure of the sea, sunburn, whale songs, John Steinbeck’s connection to the water. Interviews with the Meadow’s Mark Bitterman, best-selling author and former fisherman Mark Kurlansky, urban salt maker Sarah Sproule and a professional sandcastle builder; an illustrated guides on the story behind sailor tattoos; The history of salt water taffy and a list of the essential characteristics of a British seaside town; A Culinary Roundtable featuring a variety of chefs, food writers and others. A roundtable on the changing state of the sea featuring surfers, salt makers, a marine biologist and others ; Recipes for modern snow cones, Ricky’s Ensenada-Style Fish Tacos and Brown Butter Salted Honey Pie; and more…