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Torrent – #2


Torrent – #2
Text auf Englisch
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Torrent No.2 includes a conversation with curator and writer Robert Storr on ethics in the art world. Muhanned Caders artist contribution explores the relationship between the sky and city space in Hong Kong. There is material about hyper-specialists on eBay, radioactive glows, and clouds of bats by Florian Germann as well as text experiments and visuals related to pseudo writings and Chinese calligraphy by Enoch Cheung. The issue also includes a visual essay Roland Lüthi about photographic materiality and Manual Cirauqui’s take on the transcultural dynamics in contemporary art through the example of kung-fu director Robert Tai’s Shaolin Dolemite. Enclosed is the supplement “Silver Silence/Golden Speech” with conversations on art (in Chinese with English) by thirteen artists and cultural practitioners from Hong Kong.