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Openhouse – #1


Openhouse – #1
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Openhouse Magazine is a biannual publication that looks to bright, creative people from around the world who open the doors of their private spaces to the public. In the current issue, the magazine makers talk about their own space, Openhouse in Barcelona. Further featured visits are to Gnam Box, who invite creative people into their home to cook their own recipes, to Bless, whose Berlin shop is the home of Mira Shröder. In London, Tony Horneker is visited who opens his home as a restaurant. In Tokyo, Jo Nagasaka turns his studio into anything from a gallery, performance space, or even sometimes a camp site, and makes the best food parties around. Closer to their home, Openhouse visits Niki Robinson who opens her doors to guests with Airbnb and holds theatre events and concerts, and also Jacopo and Luis at the Costa Brave who use their weekend home, Palau de Casavells, as a gallery for art, design and antiques.