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CeeCee Berlin


CeeCee Berlin
Text auf Englisch
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CeeCee ist Berlins meist gelesenes online Medium. Hinter CeeCee stecken Sven Hausherr and Nina Trippel, die nun ein Buch aus 200 ihrer interessantesten Features gemacht haben. Ein Berlin-Buch for Berlinbesucher, Berlinliebhaber, Einheimische und zukünftige Berliner.

Cee Cee is Berlin’s most widely read online medium. It covers and comments on the capital’s perpetually changing urban landscape and the multifaceted goings-on in the culture and restaurant scenes. The selection of recommendations is carefully vetted and has become an indispensable guide for Berlin lovers in Germany and abroad, for expats and locals. A Berlin book for Berlin visitors, Berlin lovers, Berlin residents, and future Berliners.