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The Baffler #27 – the first-ever fashion issue!


The Baffler #27 – the first-ever fashion issue!
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The work arrayed under the slightly furtive label, “Venus in Furs,” amounts to nothing like the cosmetics kits of upmarket, style-addled journalism. They are mindful, instead, that the fashion industry’s main proposition—confusing clothing with personal worth—has been a longstanding affront to women, not to mention a handy insignia for encoding and regulating the rules of social class. The general drabness of American attire is also something to consider. They strap into the uniforms that come with their corporate cubicles, and on weekends don their baseball caps, flannels, sneakers, and mom jeans—the studied, casual look that hipsters have ironically lifted from the working class and that fashion pundits are wont to call “Normcore.”
The Baffler, est. 1988, is a magazine of art and criticism appearing three times annually.