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Benji Knewman #2


Benji Knewman #2
Text auf Englisch und Lettisch
20,00 €

It’s the fictional editor-in-chief Benji Knewman that gives this magazine from Riga its name. Only in its second issue the magazine presents “Life that you can read.” Its various content is curated by Benji who starts off the magazine with an editor’s letter written “early on Saturday morning after returning from a birthday party” while also re-appearing as a photographer within the magazine. Contributions and content include: a search for forgotten film houses in Riga, star talk with an astronomer who recently discovered a new supernova, a conversation about war and sartorial matters with an Ukrainian fashion designer accompanied by her sketches and designs and various different visual elements such as quirky set designs and cartoons. The content is colorful, random and boundless – Benji must be a pretty interesting guy.