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Not today 5/6

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Not today 5/6
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Waving goodbye to the slowly built-up past, the 5th NOT TODAY has launched. Mixing with design items, artworks and daily use products, we see perspectives of life in OBJECTS; There were 2 visits in New York for INTERVIEWS. THE PLAYLIST chosen by artist Yu-Chen Chou. For A SPACE FOR_______, a private zoo scene created by Studio YUKIKO. Artist Jr-Shin Luo and his (or everyone’s) assistant Sharon talk about the creation and imagination of an ideal studio. At WELFARE CENTER, artist New-York Chi made a series of sports facilities. At CURATOR’S TRIP Nobuo Takamori with a Taiwanese passport to cross borders in Western Balkan Peninsula. Designer Margrethe Odgaard and chef Jakob Mielcke collaborate to create the UMAMI taste for THE KITCHEN. In HI TAIWAN, the Sun Self Hotel in Nanjichang starts welcoming guests. For an extended reading, the artist collective Cooking at the Frontline built an innocent restaurant in Yokohama, Japan. Special feature: SOMETHING SPATIAL in collaboration with Art Kaohsiung.