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Boat #10


Boat #10 – Tel Aviv
Text in English
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Boat Magazine is a quarterly independent magazine about traveling. For each issue the whole team moves to a selected city to discover the life and spirit of this place by collecting stories from the street. This inside/outside approach to a city keeps the perspectives varied and balanced and the overall content raw and often surprising. The aim of Boat Magazine is to act as a big RESET button in the readers mind and give a totally new perspective to a place. The editorial consisting of interviews, features, personal profiles, artwork and fiction combined with enchanting photography gives a mix for all those who want to see more than the tourist hotspots.
This issue of Boat Magazine brings us inside Tel Aviv and features the newcomer girl band A-WA, bestselling author Dr. Oliver Sacks and street photographer Gabi Ben Avraham. Beside these big names the reader gets an inside-view to private lives in this very oppositional city.