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Metahaven – Black Transparency


Black Transparency – The Right to Know in the Age of Mass Surveillance

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€ 22,00

There is a fly constantly hitting the window. Though the fly can see right through – it is transparent – it still cannot pass. Metahaven is a collective from Amsterdam, uniting research on information (politics) and design; being sui generis in their intuition for visual syntax. In ‘Black Transparency’ the collective explores “involuntary transparency invoked on nation-states by whistleblowers.“ Cause and effect of the leak – splashed out in format and sources, which could not be more diverse: Ivanhoe tales & mail traffic, information maps & academics (among: dissertation by Gaddafi’s junior), cloud wear – an aesthetic gesture, a willfull statement in de-/re-/post-centralized information flows. MH once said: The aesthetics of totalitarian products are non-offensive and liberal; “apricot“ rather than “orange”, “yoga” rather than “martial arts”, completely smooth, with the actual abstract power that is at work. ‘Black Transparency’ comes as a dime-novel in neon-colors, stitched together with heavy black ink. A perfect thing to accompany your white nights.