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We go to the gallery


We go to the gallery
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“We go to the gallery”, set as a parody of the somewhat dusty and stiff Ladybird books from the 60′s, pokes fun at contemporary art, its perception as well as its commonplace analysis.
Mummy, John and Susan go to the gallery, where Mummy comments on the artwork: “There is nothing in the room. John is confused. Susan is confused. Mummy is happy. ‘There is nothing in the room because God is dead,’says Mummy. ‘Oh dear,’says John.”
Artist and comedian Miriam Elia draws in 44 pages a sarcastic approach through the simple pictures and conversations known from the 60′s classic – the willful nihilism of the modern art scene clashes amusingly with the postwar optimism embodied in the jolly Ladybird book learning system.
“We are leaving the gallery now. ‘Did you enjoy the gallery?’ says Mummy. ‘I feel strange,’ says Susan. ‘Me too,’ says John. ‘It is the modern condition,’ says Mummy.”