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Mac Guffin #2


Mac Guffin #2 – The Window
Text in Englisch
15,00 €

Mac Guffin features stories about the life of ordinary, anonymously designed things. Each biannual edition takes an object and explores the manifold stories it generates.
It shares this anti-showroom idea with London-based Dirty Furniture, but focuses more on interviews and philosophy.
Issue #2 looks at the window as object, connector, delimiter and showcase. Separated in different sections it features, among others, how British shopkeepers turned sticky brown tape into artistic patterns. The tape was given to everyone by the Air Raids Precaution to avoid broken glas becoming deadly projectiles during air strikes.

Further more we get insights into the pleasure of perfectly clean glas, a short story about fear of windows, a column about the ubiquitous plastic frame and thoughts on tassels, galloons and passementries. And of course the Papa-Mobile, the vitrine like care, which transports the pope through crowds is also not missing in the window issue.