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Apology #4


Apology #4
Text in Englisch
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Apology is a magazine featuring literature, interviews, essays, reportage, humor, photography and art. In other words pretty much everything. Founded, edited and designed by Jesse Pearson, who was the editor-in-chief of Vice magazine from 2002 until 2010, it describes itself as “a general interest magazine for people whose general interests aren’t general.”
We all had to wait very long for this issue because, as you can read in the editor’s note, his dog ate his homework. So finally it is here and brings us, amongst others, its main section about nostalgia approached through interviews and conversations, a list of available answers to the question “How are you?”, short stories by Amelia Gray, Stephen Dixon and Sam McPheeters, a reportage about jazz pianist Jutta Hipp, microbial pornography and other vulgarity in conversation with cartoonist Sam Gross and photographs from Ryan McGinley of his friend Dash taking photographs.