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THNK TNK #2 – Social Entrepreneurship
Text in Deutsch & Englisch
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Design is meandering between esthetics, commodities and social responsibility. Often seen as a mere styling of products to steer our consumer behavior it is celebrated at the same time as the problem-solving savior of our future society. THNK TNK tackles the questions of the later and features in its second issue organisations, projects, artists and design which re-discuss and transform our view of profit and society. Social entrepreneurship has an ideological aim in innovation and gaining. Change trumps capital. Society trumps ego.
THNK TNK discusses the term Postive Design and shows projects like the Fairphone and Little Sun, which wants to bring solarpowered portable lights into regions without electricity as well as featuring an insight into the master program Future Studies and a discussion between the head of JAD (Junge Alternative für Deutschland, the youth department of the AFD) and a philosophy student.