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Benji Knewman #3


Benji Knewman #3
–Last night, on the other side of the ocean.

English / Latvian
€ 20,00

The bilingual book-a-zine “Benji Knewman” is based around an imaginary character that is listed as the editor-at-large. Benjamin Knewman, also known as “Benji”, is a mid 30 something year old Latvian man who travels around the world, meets people who don’t pretend and simply be and who writes his editorial letter on an early Saturday morning after returning from a birthday party. One of those “cool guys” that everybody likes to meet.

In Volume 3 of Benji Knewman “Last night, on the other side of the ocean.”, Benji is telling stories about: two Architects that believe it is not healthy to live in a box, a man that fantasizes about a palace and its lost inhabitants, and about his encounter with a singer songwriter that tells honestly about his teenage years in a christian family. Also Benji goes under the seats with a couple and their two cats.