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Art against Art #2


Art against Art #2
Text in Englisch
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The slim A5 publication is putting a spotlight on art and its current discourse in the post-contemporary situation we find ourselves in. It features nicely selected diverse contributions by a variety of people active in the art world. Examples being the writing of collector/critic/curatot/art dealer Kenny Schachter on “Zombie Formalism”, Linda Yablonsky’s take on artists collaborating with large corporations and thus becoming brands themselves, an interview with Michael Gross on the controversy surrounding his book “Rogue’s Gallery”, an account of the dodgy goings-on at the MET as well as an essay by transhumanism-figurehead Dr. Natasha Vita-More and a text by self-proclaimed speculative realism starlet Armen Avenessian about the post-contemporary condition, hyperstition and much more…