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Tunica #5


Tunica #5
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Tunica Studio is a New York based collaborative, multidisciplinary creative studio. The 5th issue of their always carefully curated and designed magazine might very well be the the culmination of their self-publishing practice so far. Described as a ‘receptacle of international culture‘ with the aim to combine disciplines, each issue is a beautiful piece of print as well as being chock-a-block full of content. Employing a different art director (and a very diverse group of contributors) for each issue, they all become unique gems rather than a repetition of the same aesthetics and content each time. They manage to be a bit offside the usual cultural lifestyle magazines – regularly featuring work by young creative producers just on the verge of popularity.
In this issue you can find not only their own SS16 apparel collection but also a fashion editorial featuring pieces of the young label Hardeman from Amsterdam and an in-depth conversation with Kevin Soh, the founder of ‘Le Roy’ another great genre-busting magazine from L.A. A little creative non-fiction by Swiss painter Laura Indorato leads to Gaspar Noe’s ‘LOVE‘ , a tour through Berlin with Ilja Karilampi, then finally ties in with the BB9 via an Interview with Alexa Karolinski, the artist behind the controversial video-piece ‘Army of Love’, still on view the the KW in Auguststraße.
Tunica is a multifaceted crystal of a magazine – staying coherent and harmonic throughout all its different contents.