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Berlin Fashion Week Special – Patterns, Fabrics and Materials


What’s Fashion without the magic of PATTERNS, FABRICS and MATERIALS? Get inspired with our selection of books diving into the infinite world of patterns, materials and their creators. OTHERWORLDLY looks at the extraordinary in fashion (in the literal sense) and gives us a glimpse into the trends and evolutions of mechanized materials, mutant make-up or transhuman technologies. PATTERNS is a beautifully designed visual enzyclopedia of textile designs and their creators. BLOOM takes inspiration from flowers, plants and gardening and has been an important source for trend forecasting in the past decade. Artist NATHALIE DU PASQUIER has been drawing patterns for textiles and ideas for clothes since being a part of the Memphis Group in 1981. Her drawings and sketches have been collected in this 300 page book, together with short texts and interviews with the “decorative genious” herself.