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Berlin Fashion Week Special – Culture Industry


If Berlin Fashion Week leaves you thinking you’re trapped in the industry’s treadmill of shallowness and blind consumerism, don’t surrender. There are exciting magazines and journals out there, offering a critical and informed look at the CULTURE INDUSTRY of Fashion. VESTOJ’s latest issue looks at masculine and male identities within fashion – weaving theory with prose, fiction and interviews in order to bridge the gap between academia and the fashion industry. With contributions by Jo Paoletti, Wolfgang Tilmanns, Ty Emmeca or Kenneth Goldsmiths (to name a few). “Everybody loves Muiccia” is the title of SYSTEM’s latest issue, offering (not only) in-depth conversations and editorials with and by Prada’s creative genious. A MAGAZINE, this time curated by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, gives a very intimate and auratic insight into the inspirations and aesthetic values of one of the industry’s leading figures.