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The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series


The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series
Various Titles
Text in English
17,00 Euro

As we celebrate 30 years of transmediale in Berlin it’s quite obvious the world is spinning faster and faster. This year’s transmediale title ‘ever elusive’ picks up on those subtle feelings of discomfort with the dizzying unknown as well as questioning new developments of technology and art about their transformative potential. If you’d like to emerse in a rather ’non-elusive’ (but nevertheless equally informing) media format – the book (yes, it does still exist) – we recommend our selection of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series. With titles such as ‚Machine Learning‘, ‚Robots‘, ‚Paradox‘ or ‚Metadata‘, this series is trying to undercut the present era of instant information gratification and superficial description. It takes into account the fact that we might feel overwhelmed by today’s more and more complex systems of knowledge and technology. Thus, each of their small pocket size volumes starts with the fundamentals, considering we might all be nonspecialists, newcomers to our own conditions. And maybe, slowly, the ‘ever elusive’ won’t feel so slippery anymore.