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Signature Strengths

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Signature Strengths
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Signature Strengths is a publication that results from of a research program of the St. Lucas School of Arts. This slick beauty is essentially a presentation and part reproduction of the so called no-frills books. The Jove publications where practically non-designed, anonymously authored genre-paperbacks. The four genres Western, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Romance (‚Complete with Everything: A kiss, a promise, a misunderstanding, another kiss, a happy ending‘) where pretty much all one needed to pass the time in pre-internet, smart phone-less America. Perhaps their dubious tagline ‚After you’ve read one, you won’t mind the others.‘ is to blame for the failure of the project then… If you still feel attracted by the blunt, almost comedic marketing strategy they employed and feel like tapping into the fabulously generic content of some of the very finest no-frills – this will surely be a treat for you!