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Migrant Journal #1


Migrant Journal #1
Text in English
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There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task and not easy to manage. Especially when focussing on the topic of ‚migration‘ which has led to and has been used by a heated but equally important prevailing debate.

- What will it talk about?
- Migration.
- You mean the migrant crisis?
- That and other things. Migration is everywhere, it’s time we realise it again. It’s time writers, spatial thinkers and designers, artists, researchers of all kinds get together to re-think the concept of migration.

Migrant Journal’s first (and crowd-funded) issue Across Country starts with this imaginary conversation, which, in light of recent world politics – far-right extremism and globalization scepticism – seems to be more relevant than ever. Why do we perceive migration as crisis? Don’t we migrate as well when we move from one place to another? Isn’t our world dependent on movement, circulation and exchange? Migrant Journal wants to change our view, perception of and knowledge about migration, „exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, even fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on contemporary life.“ Their first of a 6-issue publication starts with the ‚rural space‘, the countryside as an important spatial setting and parameter for migration – disclosing its difficulties as well as possibilities. From the invisible borders of the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea to the landscape migration of sediments – from Kent’s artificial countryside to the remnants of rivers in Iran – from the impact of Japan’s deathliest earthquake to American technology at the French countryside – from an interview with the curators of Oslo Triennale to a study on rural sociology by urbanist and philosopher Henri Lefebvre -
Migrant Journal’s first issue accomplishes what it has been aspiring to. In bringing together excellent and varied content by writers, designers, artists, researchers and photographers, ‚Across country‘ is an important contribution “to the rethinking and re-appropriation of migration.”

With contributions by: Martha Pskowski, Folder, Brett Milligan, Elisabeth Real, Christoph Miler, Justinien Tribillon, After Belonging Agency, Catarina de Almeida Brito, Dimitrios Bormpoudakis, Giuditta Vendrame, Julián Castro, Daniela Sanjinés, David Kostenwein, Henri Lefebrve, Hefin Jones, Pippo Ciorra.