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F.R.David #13 – Inverted Commas


F.R.David #13 – Inverted Commas
Text in English
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“Words, don’t come easy” F.R. David sang in 1981. While the French singer was back then only concerned with finding “a way to make you see I Love You”, the bookjournal that took its name from David has a more complex pretension. The biannual journal F.R.David is concerned with the organisation of reading and writing in contemporary art practice. Their issues, almost book-like, assemble commissioned essays and reprinted texts, making it hard to distinguish between quote, reference and ‘original’. Speaking of quotations, their latest issue is called “Inverted Commas”, compiling texts and text-images by Harun Farocki, Thomas Metzinger, Lucy Lippard and many more. “Inverted Commas” – as a lot of F.R.David’s other issues – looks, feels and reads like a publication in its own right, an artwork somehow, creating its own narrative through assembling fragments, screenshots, pictures or sketches into a 250 page book. “Inverted Commas” is published in cooperation with KW Institute for Contemporary Art.