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Jacobin #24


Jacobin #24
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“Reason in Revolt” – What started out as a translation error of the marxist anthem “Die Internationale” has since become the paradigm for progressive left theory – and the slogan of the New York based magazine JACOBIN. With democratic and left parties in disaray over the rise of fascism and conservatism, JACOBIN shines a bright (and consistent) light on left and socialist issues in the United States. Their winter issue is called “Journey to the Dark side”, and no, JACOBIN has not given up on their agenda. This issue is rather a journey into the inconvenient and sometimes troubling truths the left has to face in order to make a difference. With essays such as “Being Anti-Trump isn’t enough”, “How Pepe turned brown” or an insight into the failures and shortcomings of the Democratic Party, JACOBIN is presenting valuable reading material for the hard times to come. At the heart of it lies the conviction “We must organize around a positive, forward-looking program for real change – a program that gives people something to fight for, not just something to fight against.”. And if Donald Trump’s America is going to be the new Versailles, JACOBIN will be ready for the revolution.