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Happy International Women’s Day!


die dame
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15,00 Euro / 49,00 Euro (Sonderedition in Buchform)

The Gentlewoman #15
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13,60 Euro

Happy International Women’s Day! On this beautiful occasion we recommend treating yourself to two of our most favorite magazines for, by and about amazing women and their allies.
The first issue of the German publication DIE DAME reinstates the spirit of the first lifestyle magazine in Germany of 1920. The magazine for the modern woman collected essays, artworks, photography and illustration by such figures as Hannah Höch, Colette, Vicky Baum – 105 years later Anne Waak, Helene Hegemann, Anne Philippi and so many more continue their quest.
One of our all time classics, THE GENTLEWOMAN does not even need an introduction. Most importantly; it is finally here! Featuring Laura Marling, Francesca Hayward, Pam Hogg, Sofia Coppola and so many more fantastic, inspiring people.