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Elephant #30


Elephant #30
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There is a drum solo in the 1969 song “Amen, Brother” by “The Winston’s” and even if you’ve never heard of the band before – you’ve probably heard the drum solo over a hundred times already. With over 2000 samples, it is by far the most sampled track in the history of music – and we couldn’t imagine Hip Hop or Drum’n'Bass without it. The Winston’s themselves never claimed any royalties and never received any compensation for the use of their song – something almost completely unimaginable in our decade of copyright, copyleft, infringement and lawsuits. In our digital age though, copyright becomes a tough decision between oldschool law and digital technology. The Art Culture Magazine ELEPHANT enquires into this gap in their latest issue “Copyright and its Discontents”. Copyright or wrong? With interviews, artist’s essays, collages and photo editorials by and with Ian Davis, David Evans, Joanna L. Creswell, Ruth van Beek, Neo Rauch, Henrik Vibskov and many many more, this 200 page issue is definitely something you might want to copy off, cut and paste and quote regularly. But please make sure to get the real deal; a real, beautifully designed paper magazine, not a poorly scanned pdf.